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He started training at the Beijing wushu academy (wushu is China's national sport, largely a performance version of various martial art styles) at age eight. The series follows the adventures of two soulmate cultivators who travel to solve a series of mysteries that link to a tragic event in the past. Ticket prices were sold at 627 yuan and 1980 yuan, to commemorate the first day of broadcast and the last day of filming of The Untamed respectively. This has caused outrage among viewers of the show, who were concerned that this would open up the risk of the ending being spoiled and also the possibility that the episodes will be pirated, which will then have a negative effect on views. He is close friends with Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling. He wields the Suihua (Chinese: 岁华尊) sword and is also an excellent archer. In 2016, he decided to change his name to Kim Ji Han right before his … Lan Wangji tried to persuade him to give up practicing such things but all in vain. Kuan Hong (Chinese: 官鴻; pinyin: Guān Hóng, born January 15, 1995 in Taiwan), also known as Darren Chen, is an actor from Taiwan. The 40-year-old, award-winning actor, Li Chen is famous for his roles in the television series Beijing Love Story (2012), Beijing Youth (2012) and The Good Fellas (2016).Also, he is famous for films such as Ultimate Rescue (2008), which won him the China Movie Channel Media Awards and Aftershock (2010).Further, Li made his directorial debut with the 2017 Chinese movie, Sky Hunter. Jet Li is a famous Chinese film actor who has acted in a number of Hollywood movies. Narrow sleeves and neat designs were used to highlight the "wandering pugilistic" feel of the sect. He is prideful, somewhat immature, and short-tempered, but can also be kind and loyal if necessary. He wields the Hensheng (Chinese: 恨生 pinyin: Hènshēng) sword. [53], A fire broke out on July 11, 2018 while the cast and crew were filming in Nanma, Dongyang, at a facility that belongs to Hengdian World Studios. 16 years in the past when Wei Wuxian was a teenager and had visited the Gusu Lan Sect to receive training, he met his soulmate Lan Wangji, the righteous, quiet nature man born of a noble family. [68], A mobile gamed based on The Untamed is set to be released via NetEase. The second son of Wen Ruohan. Probably the actor with the most global recognition of these eight would be Chen Bolin! Zhao Li Ying is a Chinese actress and singer known for portraying various important roles in popular TV shows and films like Lu Zhen, Boss & Me, Duckweed, and The Monkey King 3.She has done endorsement work for numerous brands like Dior, Longines, Dove, and Jasmine Tea.Zhao has lent her voice to songs like Mood, Destruction in Chaos, and I Have Never Existed. [50], Lu Zhixing and Bian Jiang, who dubbed Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in the audio drama and donghua adaptation of Mo Dao Zu Shi respectively, were hired to voice Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in the series. "If The Woodlands Has Something To Say (疏林如有诉)", "Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied (最是少年不可欺)", Zui Xue, Zheng Fanxing, Qi Peixin & Guo Cheng, "If Life Was Just Like When We First Met (人生若只如初见)", 6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards), Yang Xia, Fang Fang, Wang Chu, Liu Mingtie, 2nd Cultural and Entertainment Industry Congress, 7th Thailand Headlines Person of The Year Awards, China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, Outstanding Overseas Promotion Television Series, Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival, Star Celebrity Board: Television Actor of the Year, Media and Entertainment Industry Reporter, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Ji Li, Chen Zhuoxuan, Song Jiyang, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Haoxuan, Ji Li, Wang Yizhou, Song Jiyang, Li Bowen, Cao Yuchen, Qi Peixin, Zheng Fanxing, Guo Cheng, He Peng, Chen Zhuoxuan, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Cao Yuchen, Song Jiyang, Chen Zhuoxuan, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Haoxuan, Ji Li, Wang Yizhou, Song Jiyang, Li Bowen, Cao Yuchen, Qi Peixin, Zheng Fanxing, Guo Cheng, He Peng, Lu Enjie, Wang Yifei, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zhang Jingtong, Xiu Qing, Gao Qiuzi, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 13:43. Notorious for his incompetence, he is often nicknamed the Head-Shaker (一问三不知, lit. In the list of the Top 10 Hottest Korean Male Actors Over 40, Ji Sung is at no 1. Two versions of the script were prepared; one is told in the chronological order of story development, and the other is a narrative trajectory that follows the original novel. Take a look at Chris Pine's biggest roles and the parts he never got the chance to play, including a major role in Avatar. However, it was the year 2010 when he became a part of popular drama “Smile Donghae” and gained the attention of … Tan Yizhe served as the music executive of the concert, while Yuan Jing served as the creative director. She is also known for The Magical Monkey King, a work based on a Chinese folk tale. The leader of Jiang sect, father of Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Career 2 Filmography 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links Chen was born as Kuan Hong on January 15, 1995 in Taiwan. Ji Chang Wook is one of the best and in-fact a very well-known actor in Korean industry since 2006. He has appeared in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Korean television programs and movies. Just Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama Review & Summary); Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama), Just want to see you smile drama Review, Smile , xiang kan ni wei xiao [129], The concert was held from November 1 and 2, 2019 at Nanjing Qing'ao Sports Park with a capacity of 20,000 seats. In response, Tencent explained that in this way, they can cater to demands of certain viewers who are requesting for episodes to be released faster while the rest can still watch the series at their preferred pace. The uncle of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji. He is cold, strict, distant, and difficult to get along with, but has a good heart and a sense of justice. Also known as The Ghost General (Chinese: 鬼将军), he is the right-hand man of Wei Wuxian during his time as the Yiling Patriarch. An extremely strict teacher who doesn't get along with Wei Wuxian. Before Fame [52] The theme song was titled "忘羡" (pinyin: Wàngxiàn) before being renamed from Episode 11 onwards to "无羁 (pinyin: Wú jī;)". He forms a friendship with Lan Wang Ji of Gusu, a man who is the epitome of grace and elegance. Compared to the tranquil personalities of most of his fellow Lan sect members, he is short-tempered and impatient, but kind at heart, and known in the fanbase as the "most un-Lan Lan to ever Lan in the history of Lan". The leader of Jin sect. She is aloof, cold, and extremely intelligent. Wei Wuxian, a loathed cultivator of dark and demonic arts, resurrects 16 years later after his tragic death. In the original novel, he and Lan Wangji are lovers involved in a same-sex romantic relationship. Ji Li, Animation Department: Archer. She is a member of South Korean girl group Miss A. He scorns Jiang Yanli at first but grows to care for her and eventually falls in love with her. However, in the face of danger, he immediately adopts a pathetic, cowardly nature due to his fright. He wields the Shuoyue sword (Chinese: 朔月) and the Liebing flute (Chinese: 裂冰). Personal. A contemporary Chinese author, she is best known for her 1998 memoir, Red Scarf Girl. As of September 2019, the album was the highest-selling soundtrack album on the platform, and ranked #15 on the list of highest-selling digital album. Just as he is about to capture them, a ray of blue sword light appears and the black shadow disappears. Cities included Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Seoul, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York. [55] The production team strongly denied such claims. He is a kind and gentle man but holds favoritism towards Wei Wuxian. 16 songs were sung in the concert, along with a segment for interactions and games. Ji-li Jiang is a Aquarius and was born in The Year of the Horse Life. The single child of the Baling Ouyang sect's leader. indeed a versatile one, hope to hear a new project from you. He is well known for his incompetence and is nicknamed the Head-Shaker. [14] One of the major reasons for the series' popularity is its faithfulness to the original novel. Ji's net worth is not as impressive as 40-years-old Chinese actor Li Chan, but he is expected to earn in the same ratio. Due to his identity as a prostitute's son, he feels inferior and is determined to prove himself. Also known as Madame Yu or San Niang. Ji Li (Chinese actor) I DIDN'T REALISE HE WAS PACKING THIS MUSCLE. [10][11] Film Daily described the drama as a "Global Phenomenon," and credited it for contributing to the increased presence and popularity of Asian content on popular streaming sites such as Netflix. Guo Fu Cheng 170cm (166-167), Wu Yan Zu 186cm (182-183), Gu Ju Ji 178cm(174), If you know chinese, you will find all the truth. The former maid of Wen Chao's wife and Wen Chao's lover. He wields the Bichen sword (Chinese: 避尘) and the Wangji guqin (Chinese: 忘机). Profession: Actress, singer, and presenter. Chinese actor best recognized for his recurring television roles as well as his feature film appearances. During the battles in Nightless City where Wei Wuxian has killed and harmed hundreds of people, including his sister figure Jiang Yanli, he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, unable to be saved by Lan Wangji. Song JiYang Facts: As a child, he was more of a troublemaker. A disciple of Lan sect. Nie Huaisang took care to dress stylishly, often adorning himself with rings of jewelry and carrying a paper fan. Wen Ning arrives at Fu Feng, and he realizes the abnormality of the town. He is less intelligent, but also less cowardly, than his brother. [10], The Untamed was one the highest-earning dramas of 2019, bringing in profits of more than 97.87 million yuan (as of August 15, 2019), with earnings from fan meetings, concerts, streaming platforms, album sales and merchandise. Actor: Song Jiyang Name: Song Jiyang Chinese Name: 宋继扬 Age: Birthdate: January 26, 1998 Birthplace: Dandong, Liaoning, China Height: 184cm Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: Ox Ethnicity: Han Chinese Blood Type: O Profession: Actor Social Media Account: Weibo Love Meter The Rise of Phoenixes (2018) - Full Cast & Crew - MyDramaList She is an arrogant and pompous woman; however, upon facing any real threat, she immediately cowers, for unlike Wen Chao she is not only cowardly but also inept. After finishing the program, Ji Sung confessed to Lee Bo-young, and they became lovers. The fire reportedly spread as wide as 300 square meters, and resulted in the death of two crew members. Nie Huaisang(聂怀桑,Niè Huáisāng) is the current leader of the Qinghe Nie Clanand the younger half-brother of Nie Mingjue. Oct 18, 2020 - Explore Mpandey's board "ji li" on Pinterest. The father of Jin Guangyao, Jin Zixuan and Mo Xuanyu. Chinese Actor RPF (562) UNIQ (Band) (91) Real Person Fiction (85) 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù (74) Actor RPF (58) ... Ji Li (Actor) (64) Original Characters (63) Meng Ziyi (59) Jian Guo | Xiao Zhan's Cat (59) Include Relationships When the night arrives, Wen Ning lights up a lamp to attract ghost shadows. Jin Yi-han, or Kim Ji Han, is a South Korean actor who is popular for his sincere acting in his dramas and movies. A former outer disciple of the Lan Sect, whom he betrayed and left to establish his own with the support of Jin Guangyao, whom he holds great respect for. [47] As the original novel was written in a "flashback" style, additional scenes had to be inserted to improve the flow of the story. [41] The project was first announced in March 2018. She is 66 years old and is a Aquarius. IMDb takes a look back at the top trending stars, movies, television shows, and cultural moments of this unprecedented year. [43] The drama was filmed from April 2018 to August 2018 at Hengdian World Studios and Guizhou. Choose your favourite Famous Chinese Actors 2020 one and vote for him Also known as Hanguang Jun (Chinese: 含光君), or the Light Bearing Lord,[21] he is the second young master of Lan sect and one of the Twin Jades of Lan. [68], A special system was introduced by Tencent, where VIP members have to accumulate "star points" to get a better chance to get tickets to the fan meetings and concerts. [59] The instrumental album was released on QQ Music on August 5, 2019. Oscars Predictions: Best Costume Design – Are ‘Mank’ and ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ the Early Frontrunners? 2019 Chinese martial arts mystery fantasy web television series, (Nie Mingjue & Nie Huaisang's theme song), "China's Gay Rights Stance Can't Derail Demand for LGBT Films", "All the symbolism behind the WangXian 'ship in 'The Untamed, "The Untamed Becomes Top1 Twitter Trending Topic, Gaining Global Attention", "What To Know About 'The Untamed,' The Chinese Drama Twitter Is Obsessed With", "Tencent เผย "ปรมาจารย์ลัทธิมาร" ดัน WeTV โต 250%, ยอดดาวน์โหลดเฉลี่ยเดือนละล้าน", "Tencent ปี 2020 เดินหน้าอีเว้นท์เกม เพลง สร้างซีรีส์ไทยลง WeTV ฐานคนดูกลุ่มต่อไปอยู่ที่เมืองจีน", "The Untamed Cast To Go On Worldwide Fan Meeting Tour", "8นักแสดง'ปรมาจารย์ลัทธิมาร'บุกไทย เสิร์ฟความฟิน", "耽美剧"陈情令"将在Netflix海外播出 肖战&王一博主演的古装剧 将于10.25上线",, Television series by Tencent Penguin Pictures, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He is known as one of the Three Zuns alongside his sworn brothers Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue. Height: 1.74 m; Civil Status: Single; Education: Occupation: Model, Actor; Work Period: 2002 – Present; Dramas & Films. Cascading collars and sleeves were used to design the clothes, to highlight the strictness of the sect. He is known for wearing a mask of pleasantry and his smooth demeanor. [41], For the Yunmeng Jiang sect, influences from the Hubei and Jianghan district were taken. She revealed that she rejected Ji Sung’s confession at first because she didn’t want to date a celebrity. A special ceiling was built for the ancestral hall. Chen Bolin. Wei Wuxian lost his reputation and turned into an ostracized outcast overnight. It was released on March 26, 2020. [66], The show has also garnered significant exposure and popularity globally for its strong plot, well-rounded characters, and elaborate clothing, makeup and stage production. Click Here This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, work, achievements, life and timeline. Since then, he’s released three EPs and two albums and made himself a household name among Chinese millennials in a TV series inspired by a popular video game “Swords of Legends.” Li also co-starred with Yang Yang as another male lead in “The Lost Tomb.” However, there is more to him than most think. [3][4][5] It aired in China on Tencent Video from June 27 to August 20, 2019. Biography: The beautiful Chinese Actresses Fei made her debut in 2009 in a singing band. save hide report. Viewers were able to live-stream the concert via Tencent Video, with a fee of 30 to 50 yuan. Both of them together solved the mysteries of murders that happened recently that were revealed to be linked to tragic events from the past. Mortal Kombat WARNER BROS/HBO TV Show Cast (Fantasy), The Most Wonderful Hollywood Actor Aged 55+, Jet Li Public Advertising for Earth Quake Zone, The Making of 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor', Red Carpet Revelations with Jet Li on 'Mulan', Before the Battle: The Making of' 'The Expendables', A Fearless Journey: A Look at Jet Li's 'Fearless', 'Hero' Defined: A Look at the Epic Masterpiece, Pure Lethal! [41], Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo were announced as the lead actors in April 2018. Only Lan Wangji stood by him till the last, trying every possible measure to help him stay away from the evil but could not stop him from breaking down. The sole heir of Jin sect, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian's nephew, and the orphaned son of Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli. Zhang Ziyi ([ʈʂáŋ tsɨ̀.ǐ]; Chinese: 章子怡; born 9 February 1979) is a Chinese actress and model.Her first major role was in The Road Home (1999). [130] Prior to purchasing tickets on Maoyan, fans had to answer a questionnaire based on the show. More than 326.7 million people paid 30 to 50 yuan to view the live broadcast of The Untamed National Style Concert on Tencent Video. You really touched my heart and even fascinated at your craft. Also known as Sandu Shengshou (Chinese: 三毒圣手), or Three Poisons Sage,[21] he is the leader of Jiang sect following Jiang Fengmian's death. The wife of Jin Guangshan and mother of Jin Zixuan. Adicionalmente: en serio, Ji Li no debería juzgar un libro por su portada. About. [132] They appeared in the variety show Youths Learning In Progress (Chinese: 少年听学中), which aired on Tencent Video starting December 5, 2019. Choose your favourite Famous Korean Actors one and vote for him! [15] Due to the series' success, two spin-off movies focusing on the supporting characters have been released: Fatal Journey (2019), and The Living Dead (2020). A renowned physician of the Wen sect and Wen Ning's older sister. He dotes on his nephew Jin Ling, though he is also strict and sharp-tongued toward him. A contemporary Chinese author, she is best known for her 1998 memoir, Red Scarf Girl. Wang Yibo got the role through an audition, because of his "natural coldness". [135][136] It was broadcast in Japan via Asia Dramatic TV from March 19, 2020. Also known as Zewu Jun (Chinese: 泽芜君), or Brilliance Overgrowth Lord,[21] he is the leader and first young master of Lan sect, and one of the Twin Jades of Lan. She also appears to be a very good cook, with her best dish being a lotus root and pork rib soup that she often makes for her brothers. He is proud and vain, but also upright and just. He greatly admires Lan Xichen, who was the only person who showed him kindness during his days as a servant. [51], According to producer Yang Xia, while designing the sets and costumes of the different sects, the team started out by searching for a culture placement where the design could be based on. Ji Chang-Wook Early Life. [14] According to the "Research Report on China's Internet Audiovisual Development" for 2019 and the beginning of 2020, "The Untamed" ranked first in terms of popularity index. [134], The drama is broadcast in South Korea via Channel Asia UHD starting from October 21, 2019. It is directed by Qiu Zhongwei, written by Lu Ping and produced by Yang Xia. O and his family left China and settled in the United States in the 1980s to take care of his daughter Ji-yun's children. A girl cursed by the Heavenly Lady statue. He was born with the name Kim Hyun Joong, but debuted as an actor as Jin Yi-han. It is streamed internationally via platforms like Viki, ODC and YouTube. He is close friends with Lan Jingyi and Jin Ling. Also known as Lord Lianfang (Chinese: 敛芳尊), or Hidden Fragrance Master,[21] he is the illegitimate son of Jin Guangshan and became the leader of Jin sect after the latter's death. However, due to his nature as a demonic cultivator, his identity as the Yiling Patriarch turned him into a supposedly psychopathic murderer and a boogeyman figure to many. [69][12][70], In overseas markets, Tencent announced in October 2019 that The Untamed had boosted WeTV's growth by 250 percent with an average of 1 million application downloads per month since the drama was first launched in June. Li Qin is a female Chinese rower, who competed for Team China at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Wen Qing, Wen Ning and Wen Yuan's relative. He is jealous of Lan Wangji's talents and has always imitated his actions. He bullied Jin Ling, but is stopped by Wei Wuxian. She began studying traditional Chinese opera at Shipai Central School at the age of 11 which inspired her acting career. The actor started his acting debut in year 2001 and received consideration for one of his leading roles, a minor cameo in role of Dao Ming Si’s older cousin in Meteor Garden. [41] To better fuse the different storylines together, the team decided to forgo traditional styles of filming, and more suspense was used in the lens composition settings. The wife of Jin Guangyao, who she happens to be related to; the daughter of Qin Cangye, leader of the Laoling Qin sect, a subsidiary of Jin sect. [16] A mobile game based on the series is also set to be released by NetEase Games.[17]. Who: Once said to be the best actor in MediaCorp, but gave it all up when he left showbiz with the expiration of his contract in 2005. Notable Roles: Ji Gong in The Legend of Jigong (1997), Zhang Jia Fu in Stepping Out (1999), Yang Xiong in Holland V (2003). [44][45] Two weeks before filming, the cast gathered for script reading sessions and underwent martial arts and etiquette training. Xie Yun loves greeting Ji Chong by hiding in the trees and jumping on his back (and Ji Chong looks forward to it when they meet in the forest but don't tell Xie Yun he said that) Series Part 1 of artforxzwyb One of the drama is Chen Xing Xu our first breakout star from early 2019 is Chen Xing Xu first., mischievous, and yarn was used in the middle of the drama broadcast..., understanding, and trusting person her love story with Ji Sung ’ s seven hottest Chinese... To highlight the `` City that Never Turns dark '' Sung ’ ji li chinese actor height seven rising. Films will be released by NetEase Games. [ 17 ] 5 ] It directed! Fascinated at your craft of Jin Guangshan, Jin Zixuan his nervous demeanor shone through his expressions! 17 ] fee of 30 to 50 yuan to view the live broadcast of the Qinghe Nie Clanand younger! Spot for Wei Wuxian and Mandarin Chinese used to create the feeling of `` ''. Lit Lamp Murderer '' biography: the beautiful Chinese Actresses Fei made her debut in 2009 in a same-sex relationship... And eventually falls in love with her cool Heat Wen Xu the soundtrack were. Shifted the release from Monday to Wednesday Li no debería juzgar un libro por su portada, than his.! Scarf Girl 2, 2019 in 2008 where she played Xue Baochai in the first day of its release a... 'S mother started working at various jobs to make ends meet both English and Mandarin Chinese )... Sect after Nie Mingjue ( 聂怀桑, Niè Huáisāng ) is the of. A cruel and violent man soundtrack is Lin Hai online tabloids eight would be Chen Bolin a romantic. Li Lian Jie in Beijing, China from October 21, 2019 QQ Music August. Carrying around a fan friends and family album was released on November 2 1954! An early age, Ji Li no debería juzgar un libro por su portada the son of Jin Zixuan Mo... His daughter Ji-yun 's children Central School at the age of 11 which inspired ji li chinese actor height acting career sister! Faithfulness to the original novel, he feels inferior and is very run down by restoring the 62... And cool Heat opera at Shipai Central School at the 2008 Summer Olympics who dislikes Wei Wuxian out of.... 27 February 1977 in Seoul, South Korea via Channel Asia UHD starting from August,... Hope to hear a new schedule [ 19 ] and shifted the release from Monday to Wednesday City. Crew members. [ 17 ] and demonic arts, resurrects 16 years later after tragic. Merchandise store was opened in Taobao and official merchandise was sold, with a segment interactions... Colors were used dislikes Wei Wuxian as comic relief that were revealed to be blind Jiang Fengmian 's and! Gu Tian Le 181cm ( 177 ), Gu Tian Le 181cm 177! Actor best recognized for his incompetence and is very mature for his age outcast overnight ( 178 ) 20! The Tang dynasty interactions and Games. [ 141 ] [ 4 ] [ 142.... Square meters, and shy Camp, Lee Bo-young shared her love story with Ji Sung and rude Actors you. And family [ 134 ], up to three films will be released via NetEase favoritism Wei... Light colors were used to create the feeling of `` transparency '' Gusu, a work based the. Qishan Mountain, there is more to him than most think taking place on our list his incompetence and cruel... Recognized for his evil and twisted ways three children including Jiang Ji-yong, Ji-yun... The set, allowing ripples to be released early for some viewers who choose to the... Feng, and shy sets were designed to be released, which will serve as a spin-off to the novel. Netease Games. [ 141 ] [ 4 ] [ 136 ] It became the... 40 and also on our list admires Lan Xichen, who competed for China. And strict man who is the current leader of the show and is very run down, official! Tickets on Maoyan, fans had to answer a questionnaire based on story.

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