Defense. For this MvP I prefer Crimson Fire Dragon the most. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online … The Ninja job is a job that you can pick up once you hit job level 10 as a Novice. Or maybe even a Drainler or Goblin carded one. Interestingly enough there are 3 builts that can be used for the job from Auto Attack, Magic caster, and lastly Buff/debuff Ninja. Because of this, Ninjas are granted 69 skill points to distribute. Targets with low VIT or LUK (I know it's one or the other but I don't exactly remember which one), Silence v.s. Strategy: Orc Lord can be pretty difficult, be prepared for a long battle and a lot of flying around. If you don't have Waterball, use Ice Spear Lv. Imitation of high-ranking person's clothes in an eastern army carrying out espionage missions. A GTB and Status armor can really give you a hand here since it can reduce the Mavkas attacks and will prevent his Mavkas from hitting you with Earth Spike and Zmey using Meteor Storm. The Ashura you will be given is a [2] version of it. Defend your guild mates with your single target magic or AoE magic if necessary). Quote from: Rembrandt on May 27, 2010, 01:13:05 PM. So your only hope is the VIT or Green Pot method. Skills used: Crimson Fire Petal Lv. 5, Soul Lv. Skills used: Ice Spear lv. Passive skills are always "activated" although they may require the user be attacked or otherwise influenced by other environmental effects in order to go off. Ice Spear Level 10 and it was quite powerfull and the favored one for mvp hunting. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. This skill will allow you to block 1-3 physical hits (including skills) and dodge 7 cells backwards in the process. He is indeed annoying because of his HP like sasukeswrath mentioned, so you must have patience! We are the One Stop Shop for Authentic Ninjutsu Information, no one offers more information to the general public than we do. Be careful! 2 Berz (2 Celebs/Stings also work. -Throw Kunai and Throw Shuriken now proc status on your weapon. (Floor 4 is easier for beginners). 5, Lightning Strike of Destruction Lv. Make sure you make advantage of this moment and use Raging Fire Dragon to defeat his Galion mob. Look no further, got you covered! More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. It's just not as much damage as the Waterball. Zmey Gonrich (Gopinich) Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for all classes! Spoiler for "Amatsu, the Land of Destiny(amatsu) 125,117": The Flu Mask can be bought here; Location: Pyramids B2 Throwing Ninja. Like any other MvP, a mob vs your Ninja can be an annoyance. I found it easiest to have Waterball on your side as well as Raging Fire Dragon. Keep this process going until he is defeated. Note: Ever since the Eathena update, it has wide stone curse. Poison can only be nullified by 100 VIT (yes you heard me, 100 VIT!). Time to wait more for a magic class, why magic is hated in this game?? Not to mention using Shadow Slash in the process to give them a massive blow! You should also have a mob move you like the best. - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Can someone tell me where to find it? 5, Cicada Skin Shedding Lv. Basically your just nailing him with the skill the whole time. 5-10 (which ever one works best for you), Raging Fire Dragon lv. Be aware and bring a lot of GJ! This is the type of dagger you should use with Metaling or a full powerhouse weapon that you can use with shields. 5. Make sure your not knocked into a wall and you have open space while fighting Orc Hero, or you will be cornered and destroyed! Raydric (I didn't use the Deviling because of the Magic they use. Not all skills can be blocked including Magic attacks. Just be careful because your enemy might have some attack to counter your Cicada Skin Shedding! 2. Where's the matk love? 4. OR, use this move set to kill the Whitesmiths. Spoiler for "Amatsu, the Land of Destiny(amatsu) 98,117": Note: If you have any successful Ninja leveling spots to share, share them here! -When being hit by a ranged attack with both Cicada and Improv active, Improv blocks the attack before the hit back of Cicada is applied. Time to delete a lvl 90 alt to make space :(. -Status weapons do not proc through Improvised Defense as long as Cicada is still active. Ragnarok Online en Español. It blocks 1 + SkillLV/2 attacks. Improvise Defense can completely nullify all range damage like a Penuma. Website Resources: (Guide last updated on... 12/20/11 5:37 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) ). This does not mean that they are immune to weapon strips! For this a Fumma Beneki plays a huge role, if possible, get one with a Turtle card! Cicada Skin Shedding can completely nullify all +atk skills and regular melee hits. 10 while he is on the Hidden Water to do maximum damage; or you can use Crimson Fire Petal which does more damage then Water. A Metaling card with no dopples is pretty lame and will never work out the way you want. A true Ninja will know his weaknesses and strengths. This should be a gathering area for the Ninjas of this server, why isn't it? Or if you use Shurikens, a lot of Atk + having a high ATSP (190 being the best) makes the Shurikens very spammable. 5 (Must have a Drake card to obtain this skill!) He is earth property meaning you will need to get your fire magic to pull this off the best. you don't need it at lvl 5 right away, you just need it. Be warned though, Tao Gunka has an SP draining move and a stunning move. Ninja Skills. If you get too close this defeats the purpose of Shadow Jump and will cause you serious problems! 10 if it's fast enough, Cicada Skin Shedding Lv. If you happen to use a Drops Ashura, try the Celebs/Stings, you will probably have a faster cast. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Garm (Hatii) Keep an eye on your guilds Emperium, defend it with your mob magic. when both are active, hits blocked by Cicada also count to Illusionary Shadow's five hits. Spoiler for "Shield Card(s)": Mid-Headgear Cards: Try to avoid getting too close since he can see you under the Hiding! The Ninja. Strategy: Since I heard from sasukeswrath that he has done this, I have decided to try this out myself. Menu ... Ninja, Gunslinger and Super Novice. Kunais and Shurikens do not to a lot of damage, in fact, most of the time they fail (damage wise). Gear Bonus's alone; STR + 1, AGI + 2, MDEF + 4 The main weapons are Daggers and Huuma Shurikens, large shurikens that can be throw using the skill Throw Huuma Shuriken. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. i.e. This means you can have a hybrid build here, and it might just work out! Flip Tatami gives the same protection from ranged attacks as Pneuma for three seconds so long as he or she does not change posi… Currently: OFFLINE (Most likely able to contact me quickest by MSN or Forum PM's / replying here) This is if you are too lazy to become a Ninja the old fashion way (shame on you if you choose this path). i.e. Posted by 1 month ago [NEWS] Ragnarok Mobile Ninja Official Teaser. 5-10 (which ever one works best for you), Raging Fire Dragon lv. What's the realistic ETA for Ninja on Global? Considering a skill that leaked that summons a fire dragon I think it will since it really looks like the magic dragon from the original game. Def + 46: Luk +8 Attack Spd +10% Max HP +300 For Refining increases by 5, the damage to L-size monsters increases by 5% ... ROGuard - Ragnarok Mobile Fansite Active skills do not inflict … I never really played it in RO but it would be nice to have another class/skill that uses both. If possible, bring Holy armor which will be your best bet since he can use Bolt Magic against you; unless you prefer GTB, then use that. Ninja Tool Dealer? This will slow down his slaves and Atroce himself, making him easier to defeat. Ninja is the newest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love jobs that is going to come soon to the game. Location: ra_fild_02,03,04 ; ve_fild_01,02. Do you think ninja will use both ATK and MATK? Targets with no Marc armor/Targets with low VIT, Stun v.s. Orc Hero Meaning you get 1 AD in a few days! In case you need some strong Neutral prop weapon to beat the enemy with. Location: Lutie Field, which can be found by going to Lutie and going down one. You won't get hit out of your Improv when Cicada is active. To do this method you should wear an Unfrozen Wind Armor; since you can't use GTB due to the Fumma. Always card it with 2 Dopples. Author Comment(s): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. News. Note: Ever since the Eathena update, it has Heal and Spiral Peirce. Spoiler for "Armor Card(s)": Shield Cards: -[Illusionary Shadow and [Cicada Skin Shedding] are still reduced by the same hits. Spoiler for "Garment Card(s)": Accessory Cards 5 or Crimson Fire Petal Lv. 5 | Shadow Slash Lv. Check out builds like Triangle Shot, and Back Stab. Strategy: Tao Gunka is pretty straight forward; the reason why I said to use any magic you want is because he is a Neutral property MvP, meaning all magic works! 2) If you want to become a Ninja the honorable way, and really impress your sensei here, you can do the Ninja Job Quest. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Ninja. When approaching Amon Ra, set up a Formation and start to spam Fire Petal repetitively. To start off, you are still a Novice probably. 5 But GTB will make your spells cost a lot more then they already do. Ever since the server transferred over to Eathena, you, the Novice, have 2 different routes you can take to become a Ninja! 10 if it's fast enough, Cicada Skin Shedding Lv. You need to know when to nail him with magic and when to find an open spot. 5, Soul Lv. Anubis Leveling with a Ninja guide 5, Hidden Water lv. lvl 2-4 should be sufficient til you get 16th night at least to 3 and the charms that you will be … The other combination you can have on your Ninja is something like a SSS Gladius (Samurai, Samurai, Samurai). 1 (Must be obtained by a Smokie Card), Cicada Skin Shedding Lv. Final Strike: Skill: (Note: make the Job level 70, it is not 50!) Strategy: Since I heard from sasukeswrath that he has done this, I have decided to try this out myself. Search for leveling guides, skill guides, equipment guides, pet guides, card guides, and rune guides! Since it does most damage and you can select exactly where it hits. If you are a Hybrid build, then you can go ahead and use TWS with a Rekka while your preparing the next Hidden Water cast. Another thing you can do is Hiding and Shadow Jump away. Gladius is a weapon that is very valuable if it's +7. I have tested if Metaling works with Shadow Slash. Using a Hybrid Build, you can basically always have some way to hurt your opponent! The only annoying thing about Garm is the fact that his Baby Garms will use frost diver and Gar will use SG. where as the Alberta one will be located here: I looked on irowiki and it has directions to where the npc is in a building in amatsu, but when I went there, I found nothing. DL 5, Spirit of the Blade lv.10 < Crimson Fire Petal lv.5 < Crimson Fire Formation lv.7 < Raging Fire Dragon lv. Kaho Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, Ninja Skill Detail and Translation! It's basically the same thing a SinX will use with SB (Soul Breaker). Skills used: Any magic you like the most, I prefer to use Ice Spear since it has the most hits. ... they have a powerful skill called the Final Strike—a one-hit KO skill similar to the Champion’s Asura Strike. This upsets me... /sigh. Be careful! Build: For the build you want to use the usual Mage build (Int and Dex). Contacts: By the looks of it, it looks like it might and it might not. 5, Hiding Lv. In this guide we list down all the new 4th jobs for each class in Ragnarok Mobile along with their skills and abilities. report. Supported Languages: English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Mobile Game , What's On Panduan Build Job Assassin Cross di Ragnarok M: Eternal Love By Satya Darma / 13 November 2018 *Panduan ini enggak saklek mesti lo turutin. Note: Ever since Eathena, he has Earthquake, be careful! You need to go to Sphinx dungeon and go to either floor 4 or 5. Skills used: Raging Fire Dragon Lv. In Ragnarok, there are generally 3 types of skills: Passive, Active, Offensive. Phreeoni i.e. Dozens of classes, hundreds of weapons and armors, tons of different skill load outs to customize your character to your play-style and truly you are in control of your game destiny Using more then 1 account is called AD frauding, in simple words meaning trying to bypass the cool down. Ninjas are an expanded class that cannot be rebirthed or adopted. Combo; HP + 300, for every skill you use it will consume 20% less SP. Thank you! When your fighting Anubis, you want them to put you into a Wall. To those who don't know where to find Sushi; if you go down from the warp girl in Amatsu near the bottom. 10, Raging Fire Dragon Lv. When I fought against this guy, the first thing I did was lay down my Hidden Water. The best way to power your Shurikens/Kunais is by having A LOT of Atk. Ninja in the original ro had a physical branch (throw, final strike) and a magic branch (ninjutsu). Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Thief, Rogue, Stalker! Vote for JellyRO Semua balik lagi ke pilihan lo sebagai pemain. Spoiler for "Amatsu Map": Eathena Updates: Special thanks to Cerulean Blue (Eulb), Cremisi and for the images, renders and skill translations! Meaning you need to make sure you keep up with Cicada and have some Sushi with you, or condensed whites if possible! These two SQI accessories are the BEST accessories in the game. For this to work, you must have good timing with Hiding