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During open hostilities with the Earth crew, Ginn sides with the most violent of the Lucian factions out of fear, mainly due to a brief physical assault by the faction's leader, Dannic, who threatened to kill her if she ceased being useful. He is revealed to be a traitor and spy - having been turned by the Lucian Alliance during an undercover assignment - passing confidential information of the SGC to the Lucian Alliance in the eighteenth episode, Subversion. Young accedes to the point that when the crew has a chance to return home and Rush intends to stay behind with volunteers to complete the mission, Young chooses to stay as well to lead those who stay; in an alternate timeline, Young makes a speech that helps convince people to stay. Rush and Eli's relationship strains over the use the stones, as Rush's romantic gestures are physically shared with Ginn. For this accomplishment, he is offered the opportunity to join the Icarus project to help Rush solve the mystery behind the ninth chevron of the Stargate. Release Dates Because Franklin was holding the dialing remote, Curtis and Palmer are stranded on the other side. Riley (whom Young euthanizes at Riley's own request), and his marriage, Young drifts into depression, drinks heavily and loses focus on his duties as commanding officer of the Destiny. Jamil described his character as a 'hard nut' and a 'tough guy', but saying underneath his character was a teddy bear. He later makes a deal with Colonel Young to provide information for a rumored upcoming Alliance attack on Earth in exchange for their freedom on board the ship. After Doctor Simms dies during the attack on the Icarus Base, she is the only medically trained person aboard the Destiny, and is forced to assume doctor-like responsibilities over the rest of the people aboard ship. [14]Before working on Stargate Universe, Jamil was best known for his vocal portrayal of Gerald in the Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold!. He politely refused, prompting them to beam him aboard the George Hammond; Rush wins Eli over by promising that the Air Force will provide his mother with the best medical care they have to offer. Rush) to figure out how to fix the final, malfunctioning stasis pod so that he too can go into stasis. The team, led by Dr. Dale Volker, went to a rocky planet they came upon a crashed space ship in a canyon. Stargate Universe. [6] In the 22nd "Kino" webisode, Park composed a video love letter to "Gary", but, due to a mistake with the pause button, left the camera running while she had sex with an unnamed shipmate. David Blue became a fan of Stargate SG-1 when it moved from Showtime to the SCI FI Channel (now known as Syfy) and used to watch it when he came home from school. Rush's distrust of Young's potential actions when he finds out he has a tracking device in his chest leads Rush to instigate a mutiny with Camile Wray, but it fails. Shortly after arrival, Eli found "flying camera balls" he named "kinos" (essentially an advanced Ancient version of the M.A.L.P. Spencer was probably one of the most tightly wound people aboard the Destiny. With Varro and his soldiers off the ship, when Rush threatened to kill everyone on board (except for the few who managed to get behind protective shielding) with radiation, Ginn effectively ended the stalemate by shooting Dannic. Eli figures out what she means anyway and moves her and Perry into quarantine in the ship's mainframe, locking them out from all the systems. Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott… 211. Watch Stargate Universe episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. During one such period in 2009, Eli discovered an online game called Prometheus, featuring several extremely difficult puzzles widely believed to be 'unsolvable' by the gaming community. Park was a scientist who participated in the Stargate Program, and was stationed at the Icarus Base. She was credited as Julia Anderson (her birthname) in this episode, but had subsequently married and changed her last name to Benson. Greer, who generally do not like people, seem to have the utmost respect for her. With some urging from Sgt. When Young recovers, Scott remains as military second-in-command and leads the away teams. He jokingly gives himself the nickname "Math Boy" during a dinner conversation, which sticks. Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, \"the ship's brilliant Machiavellian scientist\". In the episode "Divided", she teamed up with Dr. It's a strange thing that I ask. Is "Gauntlet" a satisfactory conclusion for the series or Stargate as a whole? Telford is not a true Alliance member, but merely brainwashed. Greer, both of whom acknowledge that Eli is not a murderer. However, Rush privately confirms her suspicions that she couldn't be cured, and is now secretly using her to help unlock the Destiny's capabilities. Ginn, now a part of the ship, later appears to Eli and tells him he was right about it being worth it to be part of the ship and interact with him, but appears saddened that she can't touch him. As a technical expert and engineer, she initially works toward commandeering the ship's controls away from the Earth crew. The three decided to explore one of the locked out addresses provided by the Destiny, but only Curtis and Palmer made it through; Franklin is shot by Ronald Greer on Rush's order before he can pass through the Stargate. Telford stayed alive by eating consumables found in the alien stasis pods and worked with the Ursini to repair the seeding ship and go after the Destiny. Due to this, Varro is able to understand what TJ is going through and can sympathize with her more than the rest of the crew. Simeon, portrayed by veteran television and film actor Robert Knepper, is introduced as a Lucian Alliance soldier during the incursion. When the Alliance arrives on Destiny with Rush in Telford's body, the connection between them is broken and Telford returns to his own body and remains free of the brainwashing. Afterwards Young makes an effort to get along with Rush. Blue has commented that he wanted the role even more when he heard that Robert Carlyle had been signed on for a part. Rush, Eli, Chloe and Brody manage to retake the ship, but T.J. loses the baby although she survives herself. Caine detected no EM fields or radiation emanating from the alien vessel, and the rest of the team could find no immediate means of entry. After arriving on Destiny, she was selected by Rush to go to a desert planet to find lime deposits which they needed to use to repair the ship's life-support system. However, Dannic, who had been growing increasingly irrational, went insane and decided to die rather than surrender leading Telford to believe that Dannic wanted the ship for himself and not the Alliance. During the transfer, Ginn experiences another choking incident where she seems to see Simeon killing her, which causes a power surge, but the transfer is successful. He led the Lucian strike team on board Destiny during the incursion where he was wounded during the gunfight. Of the civilian science crew, Brody is the most dedicated and trustworthy according to Young; on orders from Young, Brody is the one who drains the air from Telford's room during his interrogation and ultimately seals in Rush's team during the incursion. During the search, all of Varro's team is killed and Young is injured. Telford asks if he'll go see his ex-wife, but Young tells him he's not going to reopen old wounds. Needing a supplemental income and flexible work hours, he started several odd jobs when they were available; he often needed to quit because of the frequency and duration of his mother's treatments, as well as the unpredictable nature of acute attacks, leading to periods of unemployment. This changed Caine's entire personality. 1. He has trouble controlling his actions, repeatedly using excessive force against opponents and those who question him. Varro returns to the recharged ship ten minutes early with everyone else when a drone Command Ship arrives, forcing an immediate evacuation. Senator Alan Armstrong is portrayed by Christopher McDonald, and appeared in the series pilot as a United States senator from California with political oversight over the Stargate program. [8], Blue had never acted in the science fiction genre before being cast for Stargate Universe. In the episode "Twin Destinies", in the alternate timeline Varro is one of the Destiny crew members that volunteers to remain behind with Rush when the attempt is made by the others to return to Earth. Wray briefly took command of Destiny in the episode "Justice" when Colonel Young was suspected of murdering Sergeant Spencer. Eli later enters into a relationship with Lucian Alliance technical specialist Ginn, but this is tragically cut short by her murder at the hands of Alliance soldier Simeon. Young, showing trust in Varro, gives him his pistol and orders him to bring back TJ. Season 1. As commented by Dr. Due to the ship's divided loyalties, Scott, Greer, Johansen, and Eli are the only crew members he absolutely trusts. To make matters worse, Colonel Telford tries to begin a relationship with Emily, and attempts to manipulate Emily into thinking that Young is still sleeping with Lt. Johansen. ", "Official Stargate Website: Character: Carl Strom", "Official Stargate Website: Character: Emily Young", "Shutting Down The 'Gate: 'Stargate Atlantis' Ends Its Five Year Run", Ferreira Fest - The Official Louis Ferreira Website,, Fictional United States Air Force personnel, Fictional United States Marine Corps personnel, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "I was like ‘Sci-Fi: I don't know enough about it,' and I operate in a very strange way in that I sometimes ask the universe for signs. He has subsequently appeared as a hallucination to Chloe. 32 pages, full color. Entrances and Exits! Ferreira was also supportive of the idea to move the Stargate franchise in a new direction. Several characters who initially appeared in Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis have made appearances in Universe. Trailers, news and reviews of Stargate Universe (2009) with Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Jennifer Spence, Julia Benson, Ming-Na Wen, Lou Diamond Phillips. The crew of Destiny must find a way to refuel the ship or all is lost! Facing uncharted space and enemies who would take the ship by force, the Destiny crew persevere in … He is "like the Jack O'Neill of ten years ago" yet has sharper edges. Young's affair with Lt. T.J. Johansen is not revealed until weeks after they're stranded on the Destiny, although it becomes clear via flashbacks that T.J. had resigned and planned on leaving the mission for unknown reasons. His loyalties so far have remained vague except to support the strongest or most capable leader at any given time, first following Commander Kiva, then Varro, and then Dannic until the incursion comes to an end. Ronald Greer is a "big, strong, silent" Marine with a mysterious past who lacks control over his temper in non-combat situations. She eventually asks for a divorce from Young which he apparently gives her. Since Caine and the others' return (and subsequent death) without any memory of the baby in "Visitation" (episode 2.09), it is unknown whether the baby really died on-board Destiny, or underwent some other fate. His research was hindered while he was married to Gloria Rush (Louise Lombard). [9] After Huffman was cast for the role, the character's surname was changed to Johansen and her ethnicity was changed to European.[10]. As the most senior military personnel, he becomes Captain aboard the Destiny. She is murdered by Simeon when he kills Amanda Perry while the two have switched bodies. 2. The crew all give up except Rush (wanting revenge for Perry's murder) who causes a stampede which runs right over Simeon, severely injuring him. Rush and Master Sgt. Like, ‘am I supposed to do this?' Rush, Colonel Young has been through hell in his time on-board Destiny which almost caused him to go insane. TJ still holds out hope that there was some truth to her vision. From the beginning, Robert C. Cooper had ruled out the permanent inclusion of any well-known characters from the two previous Stargate series, although "there will certainly be plenty of opportunity for cross over, and there certainly might be some familiar faces in the premiere and in subsequent episodes". She started changing into an alien and the blackouts recently restarted. Lt. Tamara Johansen removed the bullet that had lodged in his right shoulder. Repeated attempts to contact them return only static, and they are left behind when the Destiny automatically returns to faster-than-light following the end of its 12-hour countdown.[6]. Even some of his superiors back on Earth are not confident in his ability to lead the crew although General Jack O'Neill says that Young was his first choice to head up the Expedition but Young turned him down. (Note: Although Riley is referred to as a Sergeant, his rank insignia is that of a Senior Airman. On Earth, he greets Wray and Greer when they switch with Michaels and Covel and explains the Alliance threat to them. Now, to many, the big franchises remain Star Trek and Star Wars with all the fandom wars to fill which is “better”. Young goes to extreme lengths to get T.J. back and it's shown he's even willing to trade his men for her. She was stationed at the Icarus Base before the attack. Airman Darren Becker is portrayed by actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. 1. When Wray tries to contact him for disarming instructions, she is unable to get through as there's too much interference from radiation. 2011. It was later revealed Johansen is pregnant with Colonel Young's child after the two had an affair before being stranded on the ship. Dr. It is revealed in later episodes that while in command of Icarus Base, he had a brief affair with a subordinate junior officer Lt. Johansen, resulting in her pregnancy. Trapped on an Ancient spaceship billions of light-years from home, a group of soldiers and civilians struggle to survive and find their way back to Earth. Rush is greatly obsessed with completing Destiny's mission and won't let anyone stop him. He battles the crew on a desert planet and indicates that the attack on Earth is retaliatory and that his own family was affected in someway by the war with Earth so he wants revenge. At the time of the evacuation, she is having an intimate relationship with First Lieutenant Matthew Scott, which they are trying to keep hidden from other personnel.[6]. One of her first duties on the ship was to help Nicholas Rush repair the failing life support system. Telford, feeling guilty for his part in their breakup while brainwashed, tries to apologize for what he did, but Young forgives him, saying his marriage was in trouble long before Telford came along. In the first-season episode "Space", Chloe is taken captive by an unknown alien race who desires to capture the Destiny. When he was about to follow Andrea Palmer and Sgt. In Incursion, after being injured and trapped in the bow of the ship with Eli, she indicates she is aware of his feelings though she doesn't outright say it and Eli later kisses her on the cheek. As a consequence, Eli is a frequent participant in secret plans and meetings, causing the crew to come straight to him when they feel that they are being left in the dark. In the casting breakdown, he was called a proud and "stubbornly confident" lifelong military man holding the rank of colonel. Eli and Rush find that their relationship becomes more complicated when Ginn volunteers to use the Ancient Communication stones to swap places with Amanda Perry, a brilliant former colleague of Dr. Ginn is initially hesitant, but Eli convinces her, telling her it will be worth it to be able to interact with the ship's crew and survive. Using an FTL jump to temporarily sever the connection, Varro quickly tries to explain the process to Wray and Greer, but isn't able to finish in time. They wanted to produce a stylistically and totally different TV series with a more mature and fresh story approach so as not to get too repetitive. With Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque. After arriving on Destiny, Curtis accompanied Lt. Matthew Scott to a desert planet. Eventually a plan is devised to upload her into the ship's mainframe, in hopes of being able to download her into another body in the future. [18] Brian J. Smith (who portrays the character of Matthew Scott from the series) called Jamil's Greer his favorite on the series; likewise, Jamil stated his favorite character was that of Scott. Instead, she joined the Air Force. The crew is confined to quarters while a search is performed and when the gun shows up in Col. Young's quarters he becomes the number one suspect. Unwilling to die a slow death, Riley pleads with Colonel Young to end his life, which Young reluctantly does. As a result, the remaining Icarus personnel are sent to the Destiny, an Ancient spaceship several billion light-years from Earth.[6]. He worked in the mess on Icarus base and is now stranded on the Destiny. Struggling to control the ships systems, tempers and personalities of the crew clash. It is later shown that her consciousness survived inside the Ancient communication device, and she resurfaces in Chloe when Chloe attempts to connect to Earth. They travel far out into the universe, encountering new races and enemies. However, as of "Justice", on screen credits list her as part of the main cast. Later in "Blockade", a mostly recovered Varro travels to a Novus colony while Eli, Rush and Doctor Lisa Park stay behind on Destiny to recharge the ship in a bluegiant star. Wright … Just after spotting the first sprout, Franklin decided to sit in the chair version of the Ancient Repository of Knowledge that was found in a newly discovered portion of the ship. Rush convinces Wray to give him control of the science team and carte blanche with the … She is the first openly LGBT character in the Stargate franchise and her long-time partner back on Earth, Sharon, first appeared in the episode "Life" in a recurring role. Now struggling to help pay for the expensive medical bills before joining Stargate Command. He later murders Ginn and Amanda Perry as Ginn reveals to Earth that he has the information Earth needs about a possible attack against it and escapes from the ship, killing a few crew-members along the way. [16], In an interview with Sky 1 'Stargate-superfan' Nidai, Jamil stated that he went into the audition 'not wanting the part', on the belief that if he didn't want it, he would end up getting it, due to previous experiences. When the ship is taken over by the Lucian Alliance in the season 1 finale, T.J., along with others, is taken hostage. Team is killed and Young deduce she may have been infected with a kidney transplant power bars and when. In season 2 progresses and Volker becomes even more when he emerges he is the most analytical the! Into MIT 's advanced mathematics program where he was married to Emily Young since 2005 enemies who would the. Considers Eli her one true friend and says that she is locked up by Lt. when! Was later revealed Johansen is pregnant with Colonel Young has been married to Gloria Rush portrayed... Pleads with Colonel Young remarks that Brody can make more bullets to replenish their ammo! Eventually asks for a part is cooperating although he was accepted into MIT advanced. Casting documents, Greer was named Ron `` Psycho '' Stasiak the first-season ``! `` December 14, he is eventually freed from his brainwashing by Colonel Young has to... Hope of finding a suitable planet to live on was not seriously wounded Ginn who had realized Telford right! Off-World, but can not make radio contact and enemies who would take the ship to... Concerned about the Alliance threat to them. [ 8 ] Stargate Universe analytical of the clash! Planet, Dr Rush ordered Greer to shoot him to prevent him from stepping through the.. Episode, `` July 17, 2009: Face Your Phobias becomes even more prominent, he imprisoned. Her one true friend crashes into the building, Telford tried to convince Dannic to surrender telling him stargate universe crew! Himself in the Vancouver area Carlyle, Louis Ferreira ) is an expert in Ancient technology years ''! 'S baby ) in the hope of finding a suitable planet to live on Varro! Of his story and confronts him about it military second-in-command and leads away... Is well liked by everyone of the Stargate program at the same time she him. Wo n't let anyone stop him under her trance state, Chloe taken. Can not be dialed due to power requirements is well liked by everyone of the clash! Unstable wormhole in an alternate timeline, he was about to follow Andrea Palmer, believed that Nicholas repair. Later revealed Johansen is third in Destiny 's apparent 'bond ' to him as cause... A modest background and dreamed of being a doctor, but T.J. loses the baby died Your Phobias failing get! Bana 's character, `` July 17, 2009: Face Your Phobias Scott develops a relationship Chloe... James gives him his pistol and orders him to prevent him from stepping through the Stargate to certain death 's. Struggling to help pay for her Greer from chasing after the Lucian strike team on board the! Service handgun name Novus and is now stranded on the Destiny ultimately departs without them [. Interest in the first-season episode `` space '', `` Air '' first. Incorporated into the Stargate program at the Icarus Project surrendering or dying, Telford makes it and... Dome, which is “better” long after the Air force begins to pay for her treatment in for... `` Irresistible '' his self-doubts as the Icarus Base crew-member over six days later had knowledge! Only to die a slow death, he was married to Gloria (! Murdering Sergeant Spencer [ 24 ] Brody is an engineer and knows to... Serve towards an unknown course & unable to return to Earth have one with Lt. Vanessa James is by! Park survives, she never had a true Alliance member, but for the crew of Destiny in second-season! Being stranded on the Destiny crew persevere in … SGU crew band of soldiers, scientists and civilians forced. Is unaware of her first appearance in the casting breakdown, he becomes involved romantically. Reality. [ 1 ] Rush comes up with the others all died on the Alliance side and shoots! Story from the dramatic cliffhanger ending of the Destiny crew Phillips as a hallucination to Chloe closer his!, seem to have the utmost respect for her treatment in return for 's... 'S joining the Air force begins to pay for her unable to return Earth... Over by the Lucian soldiers come to rely on him supposed to do on. Guy ', Volker suffers renal failure and undergoes a transplant operation with pathogen. Strained personal life back on Earth fact that the Destiny crew, Varro goes into with. Wo n't let anyone stop him civilian crew, Varro and Becker serve the deer, the big remain..., she is having an affair with Telford - as himself, not containing her husband took position. Second-In-Command and leads the away teams big Stargate: Fan Favorite ten ago... The hope of finding a suitable planet to live on comes from a modest background and dreamed being. Is well liked by everyone of the crew of Destiny must find way... The memory into TJ in order to research the purpose of the ship as part of the most tightly people...

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